Now Offering PEMF Therapy!! 



What are some the effects and benefits of PEMF?

+ Increase Energy, Improve Performance & Sense of Well-Being

+ Relieve PAIN with No Medication, often with Immediate but Lasting Response

+ Decrease Inflammation = Increase Range of Movement

+ Enhance Muscle Function = Endurance, Strength, Recovery

+ Increase Circulation

+ Improve Blood Oxygenation

+ Stimulates Faster & Healthier Recovery from Exercise or Injury

+ Accelerate Bone Mending, Wound Healing

+ Provides Relaxation, Stress Reduction and Deep Tissue Massage through Pulsating Muscle Stimulation 



How To Schedule and Cost

To Schedule an appointment simply call 336-430-2191 and speak to Kim Brittenham. She will be happy to Book you an appointment that fits your schedule. We do require that you be present or have a representative present to have your horse pulsed the first time. 


Pricing as Follows

Whole Horse $100

Body Only Horse $80

Legs Only Horse $50

Pets and People 30 min $50/ hour $80

Discounts- Call For the following Discount Details 

Multi Horse


Pre Pay

Bundle and Save

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