Call For Basic Pricing and to check Avail Discounts !

Additional fees will be charged for hand made shoes, pads, packing, tapping for studs, drill-tec, toe weights, side weights, bar shoes, aluminum shoes, etc.

All shoes will have a 6 week guarantee. There will be no charge for shoe replacement within 6 weeks. After this period, a fee will be assessed. 

Your horse should cooperate and behave. I will work with your horse if needed, but my job is hoofcare not training.

A missed visit fee is always charged. The missed visit fee is  $25.00

My Responsibility
•be on time.
•provide quality hoof care for your horse.
•inform you of additional costs related to treating certain pathologies prior to performing the service.
•call at least 1 day prior to any cancellation, weather cancellations excepted
•be professional
•be available to answer any questions you may have.
•replace lost shoes within 72 hours of your call
•provide emergency care as needed
Your Responsibility
•provide a clean safe work area.
•have horses legs and feet clean and dry.
•be available to hold your horse, unless arrangements have been made in advance.
•be prepared to pay at time of service, unless arrangements have been made in advance.
•train your horses to be cooperative
•committed to a schedule regular of appointments
•provide at least 1 day notice of any cancellation. When possible a minimum of 7 days is advised.

**Please Note** If you Cancel you appt on the day of the scheduled appt there will be a MISSED APPT CHARGE. This is excluding emergency circumstances.

Feel Free to Call me for a Detailed Price Quote that is specific to your horses individual needs.